Golf for beginners

Golf for beginners

To many people that are starting to play golf, it can be difficult in the beginning to understand the rules and all the terms they use. Everyone started from somewhere, so that shouldn’t break you into trying out golf. It is a game that besides the skill, requests a lot of mental stability. There are grounds with over twenty holes, and to go through all of them you will need patience.

Before even starting to play there are some basics things you should learn, about the gear you are going to use, about the field and the proper ways of playing. There are many different fields around the world, some of them can be extreme like hitting the ball from a cliff. Also, there are many clubs you could find locally because it is a worldwide sport. You can go online and find a golf website to get more information about the sport.

Clubs as the main equipment

If you have a nice club it may have some influence on your playing style, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it when you are starting out. In be beginning learning and improving your skill matters more than having the best gear. You should know that you can carry up to 14 clubs in the bag, but beginners are never using that much for their training.

There are three main clubs you should have and those are a putter, a driver, and sand wedge. The driver club is among the important ones and it can cost around 50 to $100. Everyone has a different approach at the start, so trying out is the smartest thing to do in order to see what style of club you should play with. The best ones are those you are able to control easily. Professionals recommend having a driver that has at least 10 degrees of loft.

There are specially made clubs that are for players that are learning to play which are a bit heavier and wider. When it has a heavier end, the center of gravity will be lower meaning that when you hit the ball the trajectory will be higher. The trainer should see after few shots what will work best for you.

Learning to play

You should know in the first place why you are playing golf, is it for social reasons or you want to try it and maybe make a career. Even for social reasons, you can have someone to train you because it is a complicated sport when you don’t know anything about it.

One of the most important reasons you should take lessons tight away is because you haven’t learned any bad habits yet. The right trainer will be able to notice where you are struggling at and fix it through training. Maybe your friends are playing it for a long time, but still, they don’t have the knowledge a professional trainer has. It is crucial to learn the basics from the beginning so it will stick to you.

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There is a distance training routine you can take, but new players usually try this when they come to the field which is a bad decision. Shooting maximum range shots in the start will throw your precision because you are putting maximum effort into every shot. It is better to take it slow and progress which will allow you to notice how strong you have to hit the ball for certain holes.

Main shots to learn

When you have to make a short hit to the green, you have to use either pitch or chip type of shot. Pitching means that the ball will fly higher and won’t roll too much and the chip shot is lower to the ground and runs along. The chip is best to use if you have no obstacle on the field like a bunker. Besides using pitch to get over obstacles you should use it when it is better to stop the ball faster.

The worst thing that can happen to beginners is to send to ball into the sand. There is a special shot called greenside bunker shot which means that you hit the sand behind the ball instead of the ball. The sand will push the ball upwards and get it out of the pit. It is a bit difficult to execute because you need more strength for these shot.

Playing on a course

When you learned the basics you should first start small on the field that is less than 200 yards which is a par-3 course. Sometimes the game can last for a long time, so you have to build the endurance if you want to make it to the 18th hole. That is why it is important to progress. The type of field is also important because there are many short courses that are difficult for beginners with a lot of sand and pots.